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Head office address:
101/102,Shreya House,
1st Floor, Periera Hill Road,
Opp Guru Nanak Petrol Pump, Off A.K.Road, Andheri(E), Mumbai-400099, INDIA.
Tel: +91 22 71605000
Fax: +91 22 71605001

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Products - Dyed Veneer
Oak Dyed Brown Oak Dyed Coffee Brown Oak Dyed Light Brown Oak Dyed Light Green
Oak Dyed Light Grey Oak Dyed Silver Grey    
Ampero Black Ampero Blue Ampero Brown Ampero Cream
Ampero Pink      
Ash Dyed 901 Ash Dyed 902 Ash Dyed 903 Ash Dyed 906
Ash Dyed 908 Ash Dyed 909    
BEM Dyed 501 BEM Dyed 502 BEM Dyed 503 BEM Dyed 506
BEM Dyed 507 BEM Dyed 508 BEM Dyed 510 BEM Dyed 511
BEM Dyed 512 BEM Dyed 513 BEM Dyed 514 BEM Dyed 516
BEM Dyed 518 BEM Dyed 522 BEM Dyed 523 BEM Dyed 524
BEM Dyed 525 BEM Dyed 526    
Carbalho Natural Black Carbalho Natural Cream Carbalho Natural Dark Carbalho Natural Grey
Carbalho Natural Light Carbalho Dyed Blue Carbalho Dyed Orange Carbalho Natural Dark
Carbalho Natural Light      
Koto Dyed Blue Koto Dyed Ivory Koto Dyed Orange Koto Dyed Parrot Green
Koto Dyed Pink Koto Dyed Pista Koto Dyed Red Koto Dyed Sky Blue
Koto Dyed Still Grey Koto Dyed Walnut Brown Koto Dyed Wenge Brown Koto Dyed White
Koto Dyed Yellow      
Oak Dyed Black Oak Dyed Brown Oak Dyed Grey Oak Dyed Light Pink
Oak Dyed Pink Oak Dyed White Oak Dyed Z Black  
Sycamore Dyed 101 Sycamore Dyed 102 Sycamore Dyed 104 Sycamore Dyed 106
Sycamore Dyed 107 Sycamore Dyed 108 Sycamore Dyed 109 Sycamore Dyed 110
Sycamore Dyed 111 Sycamore Dyed 112 Sycamore Dyed 113 Sycamore Dyed 114
Sycamore Dyed 115      
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